Our Top Visitor Recommendations - 18 Springpark Road Self Catering Accommodation Unst
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Our Top Visitor Recommendations

Our Top Visitor Recommendations

There is so much to see and do on Unst, people will often spend a whole week here exploring. Springpark Road in its perfect location gives visitors the chance to explore the whole island, so we’ve written down our Top 10 recommendations for things to see and do while you’re here..

Skibhoul Bakery

Just a two minute walk from the house you will find Skibhoul Shop and Bakery. We highly recommend the fresh Skibhoul bakery buns, bannocks and oatcakes.


Situated in Haroldswick, this project allows you to explore a real Viking replica longhouse, take in the Skidbladner and learn more about the island’s strong ties to Viking history.

Hermaness National Nature Reserve

The National Nature Reserve is a ‘must visit’ when you arrive on the island for stunning views and a visit to our cliff-breeding birds. Be sure to set aside the majority of the day to make the walk, but the spectacular views and the birds are worth it. Reach the top and watch around 16,000 pairs of Gannets crashing and diving around the cliffs. Also spot Fulmar Petrels, Kittiwakes, Shags, Black Guillemots and Gullsbreeding on the cliffs, which only adds to the excitement!  The Puffins are everyone’s favourite! Not only are they adorable to look at, but there are 25,000 pairs to watch as they nest in burrows from mid April to early August.


Shetland Reel produce three award-winning, traditional-style gins that are distilled and bottled on the island of Unst. Arrange a visit to the distillery to be shown the locally grown ingredients used in the recipes and how it delivers the gin worldwide before sitting down to taste. We would highly recommend booking a distillery tour before arriving.


A popular lunch option for both visitors and locals. The small cafe situated in The Final Checkout Shop offers up an affordable and homely selection for lunch: fresh soup of the day and a roll, baked potatoes, toasties, children’s menu and a variety of other choices. Reestit Mutton Soup is often a ‘soup of the day’ for those wishing to taste a traditional Shetland soup! No bookings taken.


Located at the northern tip of Unst. Head to Norwick, and turn left up Holsens Road. Follow this road up a steep hill, and drive along the side of the hill with spectacular views of Norwick before arriving at Skaw. Here you’ll also find the UK’s most northerly home.


Heading towards Muness, turn left onto another single track road and follow the road to Hannigarth house. There is a small carpark at the end of the road. Leave your car here, and walk down the hill to Easting Beach (Approx 10 minutes). The open space, rolling sea make this spot idyllic, with Viking Unst archaeological sites situated above the beach to explore.


While on your visit to Easting Beach, find time to also stop along Muness Castle while you’re at the very south of the island. A splendid example of tower house architecture and the home of a prominent, divisive figure in Shetland history.


Known locally as Bobby’s Bus Shelter, this is a bus shelter like no other and perhaps the most famous bus stop in the world. Be sure to get some pictures, and sign the visitor book!


Stepping outside the door at Springpark road, turn left and walk along the bay via the single track road. The jetty at Bunness House and the coastline up to Hamar often boasts otters, seals and other exciting wildlife opportunities.

We hope you enjoy, and be sure to let us know in the visitor book if you have been to any of these!


Springpark Road